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In the beginning, employ a pencil to take notes on the details like the model’s model number and installation date, as well as depth and depth. It is possible to save this information on your control panel so that it is easy to access for further reference. Make use of an ampmeter to measure the amps as the tanks that hold water are fully filled. Keep track of your findings. This data will help find the source of the issue and determine whether amps have changed. Every year, at least examine the pressure in the tank. Note that the best setting to maintain your pump at is around two or three PSI below the point at which pressure is cut.

Make sure you ask questions and discover the workings of your device in the event of a technician visit. All this knowledge will help to save money on minor repairs, and you’ll be in a position to hold technicians accountable. Also, make sure you have the water testing kit to find out the quality of your water. You should test it at least once per year. qk2d9c2ens.