6 Burgers You Need to Eat in NYC – Food Magazine

The transformation is complete with chefs adding new spins on the classic. Below are six of york’s most delicious burgers you must try.

7th Street Burger’s cheeseburger made from roughly chopped sweet onion , then pressed into a Schweid and Sons beef patt. The cheeseburger is then mixed with a spatula to make a White Castle-style slider. There are two patties, plenty of cheese and sauce. The 4 Charles Burger is another remarkable food item. The huge burger from Saigon Social is topped with pickled jalapeno, daikon, and carrot slices and plenty of cilantro. One of the unique aspects of Saigon Social’s burger is that it can sample the various cuts of meat, a combination of short rib and dry-aged rib eye.

Vitruvian Man Burger is a rich, cheese-filled patty that is stuffed with bacon and bacon that is smokey. Its proportions are perfectly balanced which means that there is no flavor that overpowers one another. A Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern was among the city’s first super-luxe burgers and remains one of the finest. The butter-basted patty comes out of dry-aged ribeye, and is served on the Balthazar bun, with a heap made of caramelized onion. 789jpudpa1.