What You Need to Know About the International Baccalaureate Program – What Is a Private School?

It’s crucial to comprehend what the IB curriculum covers and how it will make you successful. The IB program differs substantially from that of the public middle school and high schools. It takes much more than passing tests to succeed very well in the IB curriculum. Let’s take an in-depth look at IB curriculum.

An IB course is known as having comprehensive, well-rounded education that encourages the accelerated progress of the students. The curriculum encourages critical thinking and a high level of accountability. Knowing that the IB Learner Profile is important. Students must develop and develop a set of 10 characteristics that eventually end up being the criteria by how they’re assessed.

Six IB classes fall into the respective sections. This includes languages, mathematics, history, literature, economics and arts. There are different kinds of levels of difficulty which are classified based on the size and depth of the course. Classes with higher difficulty will inspire the students to be more curious, and might require higher levels of critical thinking and listening abilities.

The link above’s video gives more detail about this program. International Baccalaureate program structure.