What Is the Best Diet for Dogs With Allergies? – Media Content Lab

The video in this clip demonstrates. Any diet could alter the gene expression of any animal. When a dog gets the wrong diet, numerous difficulties can occur. The video below will help you understand the proper way to provide your dog with a healthy diet.

What causes ultra-processed foods to result in allergies in dogs? Ultra-processed food has been made at extremely high temperatures. Combinations of Protein and carbohydrates prepared at high temperatures tend to create a harmful chemical reaction known as Advanced Glycation End product (AGEs). Food preparation at a higher temperature produces higher levels of AGES. Furthermore, the greater the number of AGEs created, the more difficult it will be for a dog’s skin to recover from an allergic.

What is the best diet for allergic dogs? Raw food that is balanced for dogs can be better than dried and raw foods. But, if you have to feed their dog ultra-processed kibble or canned food, you should combine it with non-processed or raw food. The dog will be able to make antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory effects that ensure that the skin of the dog is healthy.

You can watch the video for more information about the way allergies affect dogs.