What Is Strain Gaging? – Write Brave

If an object, like bridges or buildings, is not constructed correctly it may pose serious safety dangers. It’s vital to make use of strain gaging.

Engineers use strain gaging to establish the limits of strength of their structures as well as the weight they are able to support. A strain gage is typically composed of three layersnamely A protective laminate top layer and a metal-sensing element, and finally, a film base. They work in tandem to evaluate a structure’s load bearing capability.

If it is bonded to surfaces that are in stress, a strain gage will distort or flex. The surface is exposed to strain, which causes an increase in electrical resistance. Engineers make use of this formula in order to convert the change in resistance to an accurate strain reading, and to determine what the maximum load of the part to be tested.

Strain gaging is an important aspect of designing all the important structures that people use throughout their lives. Our infrastructure wouldn’t be as reliable or efficient without this measure.