What is a Wheel Repair? – Car Dealer A

The majority of wheel repairs can be completed without needing an entirely new set of wheels. Find out the common types of damage can be fixed.

Pothole damage, specifically in the Northeast, is quite common. Pothole damage can make the wheel bent at the inner lip. This usually isn’t apparent. This type of repair involves mounting the wheel onto a straightening machine that slowly is pushed out. The wheel is then re-balanced and mounted once it’s perfect within 20 million inches. Your car is now able to drive through the streets like it was it was brand new with no vibrations.

The wheel repair, however, especially not pothole damage, are DIY. One of the most popular ways to resolve this kind of damage is hit the wheel using a, hammer. Because aluminum is extremely sensitive to sharp strikes and hammers, it can cause damage to the wheel.

A common form of damage created to the wheel can be scratching or scuffing. It generally occurs as a result of parallel parking. It can be fixed with the assistance of a professional. Professionals can fix the damaged area by smoothing it away and powder coating the wheel to its original hue.

Watch the video to learn more about the process of repairing wheels!