Tips for Installing a Car Windshield the Correct Way – How to Fix a Car

There is a chance that you will need to understand what you need to know about auto glass replacement or installation. EricTheCarGuy of Kiss Car Glass, walks us through the process of installing a windshield onto his Honda Element 2004. The important stages in installing the windshield is taking off the hood, and then removing everything surrounding the windshield, to expose the windshield perimeter. It is then followed by cutting off the rubber surrounding the windshield with the cold knife and removing the windshield.

When the windshield has been taken off then the old urethane will be scraped away with glass scraper blades to clean any debris or debris from the surface of the frame. To prevent scratches or corrosion the primer must be applied to the blade. Subsequently, using caulking guns, a brand new coat of urethane spray to strengthen the windshield before being glued to the windshield.