Installing a Custom Built Door – Home Repair and Renovation Digest

You can choose your style and specifications. Decide on the kind of material and the style you prefer, and then include any security features you require.

When you’ve selected your style, the carpenter starts to construct the jamb and the door in accordance with the size. Before installing the door the skilled carpenter will check it. The paint and materials used should be of top quality for resistance to the elements.

The old frame and door are to be removed from the site and the area cleaned up. Transfer the new frame and door cautiously to the desired location. It is important to prepare the door necessary for the installation.

In order to protect the threshold of your door, insert and raise the frame. The door is put in position after which the hinges are fitted inside the frame. To cover insulation, a matching casing can be attached to the door’s interior.

The previous job of the carpenter along with their previous work, as well as the customer testimonials.