Hungry and Craving a Food Truck? Our Top Three Rochester Area Picks

Rochester dining

Although food trucks have enjoyed a recent uptick in popularity as many mobile restaurants began launching around the country, they can actually find their origin in the westward American frontier of 1866, at which point a cattle herder, Charles Goodnight, observed how difficult it was to cook meals during cattle drives. For this reason he got hold of an old United States Army wagon, instruction shelves, drawers, and basic medical supplies, and started cooking food for the locals. The idea of mobile food was born.

Today, Rochester has several well loved food trucks operating around the city. You might have encountered some of them during the summer’s Food Truck Rodeo that happened once a month at the public market. Wondering which Rochester food trucks are the best? Here are three top choices.

1. Brick-N-Motor

With unique choices like duck tacos and sweet potato gnocchi, Brick-N-Motor has quickly become an area favorite among Rochester food trucks, clocking in with a 96% top rating on Urbanspoons and getting reviews from multiple people who even eat it twice in one day. According to Amanda G. of Rochester, their pork belly dish is “…Better than any I’ve had anywhere!” Prices are low and most dishes come at a good portion size.

2. Roc City Sammich

Roc City Sammich is what you would probably think of as a more “traditional” food truck. They might not offer crazy menu options, but they offer filling, dependable and delicious sandwiches every week. And even better, they often love offering late night food, giving you a better than normal option for your empty stomach after spending time at the bar. They’re known for their Pittsburgh style sandwich complete with provolone cheese, french fries and signature pork.

3. Chowder UP.

Looking for that perfect lobster roll and chowder? Chowder UP operates out of Irondequoit and has gotten many rave reviews for its seafood selection. Their food is always fresh, and they often frequent festivals. You might have seen them a few weekends ago at the Friday night Fringe Fest. Their chowder has won taste awards, and is a good bet. Not so good? The crab sandwich. Not because of taste, but according to multiple reviews, it appears to be imitation crab, bumping this choice down to number three.

What are your favorite Rochester NY food trucks? Let us know in the comments